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Being a campus rep has allowed me to connect with great people on campus and discover some amazing organizations. My role as a rep has allowed personal and professional growth, while also creating wonderful memories along the way!

University of Kentucky

I’ve gained hands on experience in marketing, as well as stepping out of my comfort zone by challenging me to reach out to new customers! I have truly loved working with BlueCottonU and seeing how personable and supportive they are with their employees and customers!

Ole miss

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Custom Apparel

We believe T-shirts help mark the memories of our lives!

This is proven by opening every t-shirt drawer in America.

For decades, custom t-shirts have marked some of the most important and memorable moments of our lives, serving as keepsakes that are held onto long after we wear the shirt! Your college years are full of these moments from your first homecoming to recruitment, parents weekend, formals, spring breaks, philanthropy events and graduation.

These moments are special to you, which is why it’s so important to us that we get your order to you on time and correct! There are more than 100 team members in Kentucky ensuring our best quality and turn times just for you! Whether you order from BlueCottonU or become one of our Campus Reps across the country, we can guarantee you are working with the people who truly care about your special moments!

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Three young women stand in front of a house draped with a banner that has a tie-dye pattern and Greek letters. They are dressed in white and blue, with two wearing sports jerseys and one in a cropped tank top. The mood is cheerful and energetic.
A group of young women dressed in casual summer attire pose together at an outdoor event. They are wearing matching t-shirts with 'Chi Omega' on them, celebrating with balloons and a festive atmosphere in the background.
Three young women are standing in a stadium, wearing bright red crop tops with 'Game Day' printed on them. They are wearing sunglasses and denim shorts, with one raising her arm in a cheer, capturing the excitement of a sports event day.
Five young adults are casually posing on a porch; three women in the foreground are wearing matching white and blue t-shirts, while a man and a woman in the background are in grey shirts. They all seem relaxed and happy, with a cozy house and greenery surrounding them.
A young man is seen from the back wearing a light grey t-shirt with a large print of a shark and 'Kappa Alpha Order' on it. In the foreground, another young man is facing the camera, slightly out of focus, creating a candid atmosphere.
Two young women are standing close together, wearing white hooded sweatshirts with 'Alpha Xi Delta' printed on them. They are smiling and seem to be enjoying a light-hearted moment outside a residential building.
Three young women wearing matching dark t-shirts with a colorful graphic print are posing with smiles. They appear to be in a casual outdoor setting with a wooden fence and greenery in the background.
Two young men wearing purple and gold basketball tank tops with 'ΣΑΕ' printed on them are standing on a basketball court, sharing a laugh. One is holding a basketball. They are casually dressed for a game or practice, and trees can be seen in the soft-focus background.
Three young women in matching light blue sweatshirts with 'Alpha Delta Pi' printed on them are standing on a tennis court. They are posing with their hands making a sign that appears to be a symbol associated with their organization. The day is overcast, and they are all smiling at the camera.
Two young men wearing matching blue t-shirts with 'Derby Days' printed on them are standing on a golf course. They are both holding golf clubs, smiling, and seem to be enjoying their game. The setting is outdoors with trees and a cloudy sky in the background.

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  • Slow Turn Time
  • Costly Shipping

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